That’s coming to an end my «recovery period» of the results that I wanted to write.
The main thing in any sport is not reached and the title, it’s great, because health is — will and longevity in the sport, and will be achieved. Thank God, I realized it long enough, and all «our colleagues» who rush in an endless pursuit of more and more weight, I would advise to pay far more attention to the health of it, because it is no secret that the competition season and massonabornye cycles — a lot of stress to the body of work for which there is «the bottom» of some internal systems and processes. So you need to be monitored regularly by a doctor (preferably a clean sports orientation, because unfortunately in our country medicine, especially in terms of sports, at a very low level), regularly «cleansing» the body of toxins, waste and other bad gizmos because fiber diet, as well as constant supply in large volumes, and litter the work load of the entire digestive system, pancreas, liver, and so on.
Now about me Since I the athlete with a fairly tight competitive schedule, to be honest, that the restoration and cleaning of the body I have is not so much time, but I’m sure once a year, after the racing season going through all the necessary procedures. This generally lasts 3.5-4 months.
As for training in this period, there is little strength work, training high volume in the range of 15-20 reps, so I am preparing joint and ligaments for the upcoming extreme work. But a lot of cardio load it as cardio (track bikes) and a lot of basketball, in addition to that, I love basketball, it is also a great «raznonagruznaya» kardiosessiya, where the load on the body is not in a uniform mode, as in the gym, and with varying degrees of intensity, not allowing the body to «get used» to the load, so the recovery period would encourage more all team sports.
Cardio is very important, for that would prepare his cardiovascular system to the new weight.
I also constantly stretched, so muscles do more elastic.
In general, do all to the body easier to accept a new level of mass.
As for the food at a time, it’s not as much as in other periods, I do it to give the «rest» of his digestive system.
There are of course in a period and a huge minus — is a loss of muscle mass in the background of cleansing and relaxation of the body. Yes, of course it is psychologically difficult, but this step back you will always three steps ahead of the new weight, I’m telling you, as the owner of the title «the progress of the year» I say
So, in general, recovery is passed, a week long period begins MASS, to be honest, I look great
All health, recovery, and as a result, bigger muscles!