I recently saw a comment under one of my photos, I have laid out in the Public, in the photo was a picture of one of my daily portion of food. The essence of the comment was about this: «Damn, how it all breaks,» to which I have matured the idea to share with you some observations of my applying that I raise my appetite.
Because when I first started I weighed engaged about 60 kg and the appetite for me was also a major problem.
Sooner or later, progress is limited to one factor — the gastrointestinal tract.
The more you eat — the more you have, it is an axiom. Another thing is for how long can you last?
And even if you are «on fire» brutal desire to gain weight in a few weeks at best, and usually after a few days, the stomach says «STOP» and the appetite or the back «to normal» or gets worse … Why ? Because it increases dramatically the amount of food it is a huge stress on the digestive tract, which is why instead of digestion is backlash.
Therefore, I recommend adding the food gradually, eating every time «a little more» previous, still excess food will go straight into the toilet.
You should also seek to add to the volume of portions and number of meals. I understand that many work-study, but if you are motivated to significant progress, it will not be a big problem for you. When I was a student, I have to get up half an hour before cooking your own food stalls at 5-6, and after each pair (and sometimes in pairs), and this one a couple of hours I was eating.
The more you will have meals, the better for the digestive tract, as is more monotonous work on food processing and not racing at long intervals and large portsiyami.Pomnite sharply increased food portions would not have learned.
Another important factor, natural food … this is a separate issue, but even that, as to appetite, here some advantages. No fast food and so on, there is certainly a lot of calories, but they are «empty», the use of them only to raise in fat. This is a big burden on the stomach, so that all who like to type a lot on the «Big Macs» sooner or later all will be well in the red, because the body can not iron, sooner or later, he will give up.
Food must be as diverse, in every product, and its own set of combination of vitamins and nutrients, so variety is a big plus for the stomach and for the quality mass.
Do not forget the fiber, is that there is not enough protein is not the reason to neglect it :) it a great help in the processing of food, so that more vegetables and bran.
I often add spices, herbs, lemon juice, in addition to tasty dishes are great to increase the appetite.
On an ongoing basis, take multivitamin and minerals, sometimes poor appetite due to the fact that the body «lack» of an element.
I also try to drink a glass of water 10 minutes before a meal, but after eating — not at all. Mistake most, food drink water or other liquids .. fluid entering the stomach, mixed with the food, which is many times lengthen the processing of food.
Speaking of fluids .. should not drink anything other than plain water, especially a variety of soda with a lot of carbohydrates, which, except for the fact that impair appetite still have a dozen flaws.
But the constant increase in the amount of food has its drawbacks — sometimes gastrointestinal tract can not handle processed independently, this is reflected in the deterioration of appetite and discomfort in the abdomen, then feel free to help add to their own enzymes «purchased» :). «Mezim», «Wobenzym» and a bunch of other names pharmaceutical drugs, representing a range of enzymes. Also, if you feel that you have eaten a little more than usual, or the food was more fat than usual, do not wait for the discomfort — help the stomach, use of these drugs. But do not get carried away and take them on a regular basis, because our stomach is also a living being and is able to relax amid the constant help :)
Last, cook at home more, eat less at restaurants … even if you can not afford to always eat out, almost everywhere (at least in Russia) added to food flavor enhancers and other deteriorating appetite muck.
All MASS and enjoy your meal :)
Andrey Skoromnyy
Андрей Скоромный