All MASS and enjoy your meal!

от |Вс, Февраль 24, 2013|

I recently saw a comment under one of my photos, I have laid out in the Public, in the photo was a picture of one of my daily portion of food. The essence of the comment was about this: «Damn, how it all breaks,» to which I have matured the idea to share with you some observations of my applying that I raise my appetite. […]

Recovery period

от |Сб, Февраль 16, 2013|

That’s coming to an end my «recovery period» of the results that I wanted to write.
The main thing in any sport is not reached and the title, it’s great, because health is — will and longevity in the sport, and will be achieved. Thank God, I realized it long enough, and all «our colleagues» who rush in an endless pursuit of more and more weight, I would advise to pay far more attention to the health of it, because it is no secret that the competition season and massonabornye cycles — a lot of stress to the body of work for which there is «the bottom» of some internal systems and processes. […]